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Quilting is about connection, and not just the connection of fabric. It’s an art form that builds and strengthens local communities, whether you are gifting a finished creation to a loved one or seeking advice and ideas from your local guild. It’s this sense of community that makes quilting so unique, and it’s a part of the experience that Handi Quilter intensifies, offering our customers not just a machine, but a chance to join an enthusiastic new community

Take your quilting to the next level with a variety of Handiquilter machines to choose from including the Capri, Simply Sixteen, Sweet Sixteen, Moxie, Amara, Forte, and Infinity.  The Pro-Stitcher and Pro-Stitcher lite adds computerized stitching to add beautiful patterns to your quilts.

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HQ Simply Sixteen - 10' HQ Studio Frame with HQ Precision Glide Track - QM00102