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Fowl Play

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Sophisticated farmhouse décor has arrived. This collection, with vintage ephemera, features farm life, chickens and a grocery ledger. The touches of red and yellow throughout the collection pop against the black and white etchings. Create kitchen accessories and farmhouse chic projects with this new collection from ©Janet WeckeréFrisch.
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Black Feed Dot - Fowl Play - 26472-J


Off White Feed Sak - Fowl Play - 26467-E


Off White Fresh Eggs - Fowl Play - 26468-E


Off White General Store Ledger - Fowl Play - 26470-E


Off White Poultry Farm (Large Patch) - Fowl Play -26464-E


Red Feed Sak - Fowl Play - 26467-R


Red Textured Ticking - Fowl Play - 26471-R


Yellow Textured Ticking - Fowl Play - 26471-S