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Jen Kingwell

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Jen has been lucky in her life to have had two wonderful careers. Her first love was midwifery and she felt honoured to be included in life’s most precious every day miracles. She doesn’t know where her love of fabrics came from, her mother was not a sewer but she does know she has always been fascinated by colour and pattern. Like many she tried different crafts and stumbled into quilting over 30 years ago and there she has remained. An interest became an obsession which then became her career, including teaching and designing. She has owned quilt stores for 15 years and currently owns amitie Textiles in Melbourne Australia and Instagram @amitie_textiles. The store offers an eclectic mix of fabrics including Japanese, Liberty of London, linens from Europe, french toiles and a wide collection of patchwork fabrics of course including Moda!!

She describes herself as a traditional quilter with a modern twist. Loves scrappy quilts and the more fabrics she can use in a single project the happier she is. In her perfect world she would hand stitch everything but with today’s busy lifestyle she does machine piece as well. Hand appliqué and quilting are among her favourite pastimes.

Jen is married and has 3 fabulous daughters Meg, Abby and Lucy who are by far her very best designs. She currently lives in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi UAE with her husband Richard who is working there. She has left the store in the capable hands of Lucy, her youngest daughter and the experienced staff. This has enabled her to spend more time expanding and developing her range of patterns, write her book “Quilt Lovely” which will be released in February 2015 and design her first line of fabric.


Beach Road

Behind the Scenes

Lollies by Jen Kingwell

Looking Forward

Moving on Lawns


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Beach Road Jelly Roll - Jen Kingwell - 18132JR


Beach Road Mini Charm - Jen Kingwell - 18132MC


Behind The Scenes Arabian Night


Behind The Scenes Cygnet


Behind The Scenes Donkey Grey


Behind The Scenes Furnace


Behind The Scenes Mist


Behind The Scenes Mule


Behind The Scenes Night Sky


Behind The Scenes Storm


Behind The Scenes White Rhino


Drops Of Jupiter Tempter Templates - JKD 5705


Fine and Sunny Charm Pack - Jen Kingwell - 18170PP


Fine and Sunny Jelly Roll - Jen Kingwell - 18170JR


Fine and Sunny Layer Cake - Jen Kingwell - 18170LC


Fine and Sunny Mini Charm - Jen Kingwell - 18170MC


Gem Star Tempter Templates - JKD 5804


Lollies Specks Carnevale - Jen Kingwell - 18100 12


Lollies Specks Carnevale - Jen Kingwell - 18100 13


Lollies Specks Monkey Magic - Jen Kingwell - 18100 11


Looking Forward Charm Pack by Jen Kingwell - 18141PP


Looking Forward Jelly Roll by Jen Kingwell - 18141JR


Looking Forward Layer Cake by Jen Kingwell - 18141LC


Looking Forward Multi by Jen Kingwell - 18141 16


Moving on Lawns Amulet - Jen Kingwell - 18121 17


Moving On Lawns Green Envy - Jen Kingwell - 18121 12


Moving On Lawns Jaguar Green - Jen Kingwell - 18126 13


Moving On Lawns Lava Rock Salt- Jen Kingwell - 18126 17


Moving On Lawns Limoncello - Jen Kingwell - 18124 17


Moving On Lawns Lounge Lizard - Jen Kingwell - 18124 29


Utah Tempter Templates - JKD 5811


Winkipop Layer Cake - 18190LC


Azalea Beach Road by Jen Kingwell - 18140 17


Banana Leaf Beach Road by Jen Kingwell - 18139 17


Carribean Beach Road by Jen Kingwell - 18137 15


Chain of Fools Pattern by Jen Kingwell - JKD 5040G


Green Papaya Beach Road by Jen Kingwell - 18133 11


Petunia Beach Road by Jen Kingwell - 18134 18


Prussian Blue Beach Road by Jen Kingwell - 18136 14


State Fair Pattern by Jen Kingwell - JKD 5118G