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K&K Interiors

Creativity. Inspiration. Excitement.

That's what K&K Interiors has been about from the beginning - when two idealistic designers decided that there was a place for a new approach to décor, design that sparked the imagination. You agreed! And now, our collections have grown to over 9,500 items born of a very special point of view.

After fifteen years, we still offer primitive and country décor and have expanded our renowned collections to include our Arrow Program, Floral, Fall, Holiday, Jewelry, Home and Garden. We are very proud of all the designs in our K&K collections as they continue to evolve and grow annually to accommodate many tastes and varieties of home interiors. Today inventory spans 250,000 square feet of warehouses in Sandusky, Ohio, where our corporate offices are also located. 

We believe with our inspiration any retail store can grow as we did. And our mission is to inspire so you can take back to your business your own creative energy and inspire others. If you have never been to one of our showrooms, we invite you.  We have created an experience that keeps on creating for you and your staff. 

At K&K Interiors, we continually value the importance each of our friends and partners has played in the success of our business. For us, success means exceeding our customer's expectations in every way possible and cultivating those relationships with professionalism, trust, and honesty.

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Brown Owl Sitting on Branch Arrow Replacement