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Flaurie & Finch is an exciting new lifestyle brand inspired from the vivid colorations and alluring textures of nature. A spin off of flaura and fauna, the name conveys the brand’s true intent, which is to create sophisticated and timeless fabric collections inspired by all things nature, connecting florals and wildlife with structured textures. Colorful, refined, classic and beautiful, the fabrics are designed to appeal to modern traditionalists in search of something distinct and fresh for their home.

The creative women behind the brand, Linda Fitch and Vanessa Laurie Stevens, pull from their classic training in fine arts, surface design, illustration and figure painting. They design in a collaborative spirit, building on each other’s artistic strengths. “We take a fine art approach to fabric design, gaining inspiration from the colors and textures in nature that surround us. We like to embrace current trends in fashion and home décor, and create designs that attract those who want to dive into quilting in a fresh new way,” shares Vanessa. Adds Linda, “We hope to inspire quilters to push the envelope to create a new dimensional perspective, and original pieces of art.” Learn more at .