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Cori Dantini grew up gazing upon the rolling wheat fields of the Washington Palouse, in a town called Pullman.  She attended WSU (also in Pullman) and received a BFA in art with a major in painting and a minor in printmaking.

At present Cori finds herself (happily) living in Pullman again, only this time, she is accompanied by her own family.  She spends her days working away on her studio doing all kinds of cutting, pasting and painting while listening to books on tape.  She also loves to listen to great music, watch a fantastic movie, read a good book and to have a good laugh (not all at once of course).  Oh - and a nice walk now and again also is enjoyed, especially if there is a bird sighting or two.

Cori's Work

Cori loves the idea of the things, words and experiences that fill us up.  The thoughts in our heads as we move through our days.  What stands behind us to make us who we are.  Our history.  Our future.  ESPECIALLY how things smash together to make new things (like an inaccurate memory) - Her artwork is based on these things.
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Honeydew - QE3 Miniatures: 410Q-4 Honeydew