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Back in 2008, Julia Icenogle was approached by two of the editors of Kansas City Star Quilts, who said that they had an idea for their blog, pickle Specifically, they were looking for someone to create a funny cartoon about quilting to post weekly on their blog. Julia was flattered for the offer, but told the editors that she really had no background in quilting, and wasn't qualified to come up with jokes about it! They handed her a stack of quilting magazines for research anyway, and asked her to see what she could come up with in a week. Julia went home and started researching everything she could about quilting. That same night, on a bar napkin (she was diligently playing the role of designated driver for her cousin’s 21st birthday), she sketched out the first likeness of Mrs. Bobbins, which the editors loved.

For the next five years, Julia submitted a weekly cartoon about Mrs. Bobbins, who gained a lot of popularity in the quilting world. Even though Mrs. Bobbins took a long hiatus in 2013 (mainly because Julia was focused on other work), hundreds of Mrs. Bobbins cartoons continued circulating on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and hundreds of personal blogs.

Fast-forward to the present: Julia had the urge to revive Mrs. Bobbins, and update her look. For several months, she went through her favorite Mrs. Bobbins cartoons, and updated them into a new, more cohesive style and limited color palette. Some of the funniest jokes have been recycled, but there are new ones here and there! 
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Orange - Mrs. Bobbins - 21989-54



Green - Mrs. Bobbins - 21989-74