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A Quilter's Corner Calendar

Candice Bag by Lazy Girl

Candice is the perfect purse to carry all your things!

Blooming Nine Patch Quilt - Both Classrooms

Introducing a beautiful and unique quilt call the Blooming None Patch. This quilt, by using good color blending, will give the illusion that it is blooming.

Stack N Whack

Come join us to make a quilt where every beautiful block is different just by making a simple cut. This technique works with hexagons, stars, diamonds, octagons, and triangles, so the possibilities for creativity are endless. The kaleidoscope effect produces quilts that look intricate but are deceptively easy to cut and piece.

Jan 28
Get to Know Your Sewing Machine - Part I - The Basics (all machines)
Jan 29
Open Sew - Sew with Friends
Jan 30
Thursday's Corner Bee with Pat Abbitt